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Ovendesign Group., Limited
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Guangdong, China
Main categories: Pizza Oven
R&D capabilitiesPatents awarded (16)Offline trade shows attended(1times)Design-based customization
DESIGNER WONG: A LIFETIME OF BBQ DEDICATIONSINCE 1985Meet the Mastermind Behind OvendesignDesigner Wong entered the BBQ industry in 1985, managing billions of BBQ product orders from Europe and America, assisting numerous clients in BBQ product design, and earning recognition in design competitions. He also witnessed the successes and challenges of countless Chinese BBQ factories, all of which significantly contributed to laying a strong foundation for future BBQ product designs. Despite remaining unmarried, this BBQ legend devoted his entire life to bringing joy to countless families. As a lifelong bachelor, this BBQ legend dedicated his life to bringing joy to countless families worldwide through his designs.Know More About Designer WongLet's Stand on the Shoulders of Giants to Achieve Success in the BBQ Industry Together..DESIGN IS EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS DESIGNUnder the visionary leadership of Designer Wong and his relentless drive, Ovendesign is emerging as a shining new star in the world of BBQ. Our current main mature product series are as follows:
DESIGNING THE FUTUREOur Conceptual CreationsDiscover our visionary design prowess through conceptual sketches of groundbreaking products. Witness innovation in the making.Get Quotation NowLet our design expertise boost your business and outshine your competitors. Contact us now!PROFESSIONALISM SHAPES OVENDESIGNDesigner Wong's dedication to professionalism inspires us to keep pushing forward and reach new heights in the industry..


 Many gas pizza ovens on the market may look great with their blue flames and clean interiors, passing CSA/CE safety tests with flying colors. However, a closer look reveals they often lack the necessary heat. In such a small, enclosed space like a pizza oven, achieving both the right temperature and clean, efficient combustion is a real true challenge. This is why most of the BBQ factories can't make good pizza ovens. To master pizza oven design, you need to understand the personality of fire, work in harmony with it. Only then can you create industry-leading pizza ovens.”

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